Poseidon Villa Location

Poseidon Suites are located on a Zakynthian hill in the area of Skinaria overlooking the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Skinaria is a traditional village near Volima and Agios Nikolaos. All the suites are surrounded by local trees and bushes, offering a vibe of tranquility to every visitor.

Agios Nikolaos, a true Zakynthian gem, is a picturesque village of the north that holds one of the best and most beautiful places on the island. The cozy houses, locals going about their everyday lives, and harbors with local fishing boats paint a picture of a different era.

Very close to the suites (6 km) is the port of Agios Nikolaos with a variety of shops, restaurants, and traditional taverns. From there enjoy a boat trip to Navagiou, the Blue Caves, and Kefalonia. You may as well visit the beach “Makris Gialos” (5 km from the villa) or “Navagio” (8 km from the villa).

Exploring the area

The highland village of Volimes, very close to Villa Poseidon, is full of attractions such as historic monasteries and churches. There, visitors are enchanted by the crystal clear waters and lush green landscapes. The Shipwreck, the Blue Caves, the thermal beach Xygia, and the picturesque harbor of Agios Nikolaos are waiting for you to explore.

In the largest mountainous village of the island, the inhabitants maintain the simple rhythms of the countryside and produce exquisite local products such as honey, olive oil, cheese, and handicraft items that you can taste and buy.

Together with your family, your partner or your friends, Volimes and the wider area of northern Zakynthos are a perfect place for a relaxing holiday close to nature, 30 km away from the capital of the island. Villa Poseidon’s suites are located where time moves slowly and tradition comes alive.


Zakynthos Beaches are known throughout Greece as among the most beautiful in the country and cater to every type of traveler. Be submerged in the deep sparkling waters of Agios Nikolaos beach, only 4.5 km from Poseidon villa. Within a short driving distance reach Makris Gialos beach, of legendary charm, due to its emerald deep water surrounded by wild rocky cliffs, perfect for snorkeling lovers and divers, as you can snorkel towards the Blue Caves. Xigia Beach, also in close proximity to Villa Nisaki, is a golden sand shoreline of sulfur waters for a softening experience and natural reinvigoration. Perfect for relaxing, the small crowd of beaches close to the villa allows for isolated moments of soothing pleasure.

Local Markets & Shopping

Volimes abound with gift shops, locally produced savory and sweet treats on sale, and many aromatic delicacies, such as herbs and honey to enjoy during your stay or take back home.

Bars & Restaurants

A variety of Greek taverns using local produce and fresh ingredients can be found in Agios Nikolaos, as well as restaurants by the sea or in the area of Volimes. When in Zakynthos Island it is a must to try traditional dishes with fish or seafood and other delicacies. Heading to Zante town more options for restaurants featuring cuisines of the world are available as well as bars with a view of the scenic harbor.

Points of interest

Agios Nikolaos offers beautiful coastal scenery. Don’t miss out on the Blue Caves and the Navagio beach, both accessible by boat. The Blue Caves offer a unique image for those who never cease to be amazed by nature. A spectacular panoramic view of Navagio Beach is yet another highlight of your stay in Zakynthos Island. A visit to Kefalonia island is possible by taking a ferry from Pessada port for a day trip.


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